Sugou leftover Asuna prisoner on top of the country Forest in ALfheim and you can do sexually harass the woman

Sugou leftover Asuna prisoner on top of the country Forest in ALfheim and you can do sexually harass the woman

But not, much to help you Kirito’s wonder, he and you may Asuna don’t in fact die, reading they merely passed away from the games, but not from inside the real world. Kirito along with nearly all most other SAO survivors was awakened and you will were modifying lifetime back into actuality, but Kirito discover much in order to their heartbreak you to Asuna and 3 hundred users had yet so you can awaken despite Sword Art On the web are cleared. Kirito is devastated to know away from Asuna’s problem and you will crazy he did not manage to let this lady. Even with their condition, Kirito nevertheless stored pledge in the center she’d in some way aftermath up, always seeing Asuna at medical, holding this lady hand to have assistance. However, Kirito found learn more shocking information, understanding a few months afterwards immediately following overcoming SAO one Asuna’s mothers had already create for her to marry Sugou Nobuyuki. Sugou rapidly found his real character in order to Kirito, as well as that he plans to wed Asuna about following the few days despite the fact this woman is still within the a good coma.

Kirito turned into entirely heartbroken and you can came next to dropping over guarantee, enjoying he did not do just about anything to assist and considered that he try it really is likely to eradicate Asuna so you’re able to Sugou. Recognizing Suguha is great, Kirito regains promise that he and you may Asuna might be together once more and you may just after, the guy in the near future discover more incredible news regarding Agil, delivering your blurry images regarding a player who significantly is comparable to Asuna. Fulfilling Agil inside real-world, the guy tells Kirito one Asuna is possibly caught up to the some other digital world known since ALfheim On the internet, Land of Fairies at the top filipinocupid nedir of the world Tree.

Yet not, he was afterwards encouraged and you can confident of the their adoptive brother, Suguha, to ensure Kirito to keep good and not to quit on the the love the guy and you can Asuna provides for every most other

Up on reading the headlines and you will understanding Asuna’s dad’s providers works brand new video game, Kirito starts to believe Sugou was somehow inside it, particularly shortly after their confrontation in relation to Asuna’s emergency, hinting out of your imprisioning this lady. No matter if due to the fact pictures was indeed blurry they won’t not its confirm in the event the perhaps the athlete is really Asuna. not, searching for seriously so you’re able to reunite and become that have Asuna again too as save your self the woman out of having a wedding to Sugou, Kirito chooses to get it opportunity and you will dives to the ALfheim On the web. Kirito finds out themselves reunited that have Yui and you will meets and you will befriends Leafa, good Slyph player. Together the fresh trio first started the go the country Forest having Kirito seeking to get indeed there before the arranged relationships happens anywhere between Asuna and you will Sugou about real-world. However, unknown so you’re able to Kirito, Asuna together with three hundred comatose players of SAO was are held captive because of the Sugou Nobuyuki as he is actually secretly trying out their brains apart from Asuna.

Even after the unsuccessful attempts, their incredibly solid love for one another continues to motivate them so you can fundamentally end up being together once more, not wanting to give up or lose hope

Asuna tries to are still good and desires to own Kirito to keep their, it is unaware if he lasted immediately following SAO is actually removed. Fundamentally, Asuna soon turned into far more upbeat and you can certain of Kirito preserving her abreast of understanding away from his endurance, impression high a number of contentment and you may relief. If you find yourself once you understand Kirito manage help save her, Asuna turned into much more computed to help you return that have him including stopping Sugou of tinkering with the newest grabbed SAO people. Asuna produced their basic try to free herself and came romantic to help you thriving and Kirito is almost close to reaching the Ideal around the globe Forest. However, even after just how close these people were to-arrive its wants, both Asuna and you will Kirito were not successful within very first tries to return. In the course of time, Kirito in the end managed to make it to everyone Tree at enough time past is reunited with Asuna.

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